Withybush Hospital campaigners greeted by Assembly Members outside Senedd


Assembly Member Simon Thomas joined health campaigners outside the Senedd in Cardiff Bay to welcome petitioners fighting to restore services at Withybush Hospital.


Plaid Cymru Assembly Member Simon Thomas said: “It was good to meet so many health campaigners from Pembrokeshire who came to the Senedd building in Cardiff Bay on Tuesday. They made the case for the return 24-hour paediatric services at Withybush Hospital.  

“I’d like to congratulate Pembrokeshire father Myles Bamford-Lewis from Dinas for collecting over 20,000 signatures in such a short space of time as part of the campaign for services. He only started the petition at the beginning of the year. A cross party group of Assembly Members met him to collect his petition to the Health Minister.


“The number of petitioners shows the Welsh Government the strength of feeling from Pembrokeshire regarding these services.


“It was important that there was a demonstration when the National Assembly was in session. I told the campaigners that there will be a manifesto commitment from Plaid Cymru on the restoration of services at Withybush Hospital.”

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