Town Centre Manager for Pembroke


Plaid Cymru Assembly Member Simon Thomas has made a plea for a town centre manager for Pembroke Dock and Pembroke to boost the local economy.

Simon Thomas also demanded action from the Welsh Government on business rates after meeting with entrepreneur Peter Robinson in Pembroke town.

Mr Robinson is an owner of 3 convenience stores in Carmarthen West and South Pembrokeshire employing 35 staff.


The National Federation of Retail Newsagents is raising issues with Assembly Members ahead of the Assembly election on 5th May.


Plaid Cymru’s Mid and West AM Simon Thomas said:


“Unlike many chain and international corporates such as Costa, independent retailers such as Mr Robinson pay corporation and local taxes. They should be supported by the local authority. That is why I am calling for a dedicated town centre manager for Pembroke Dock and Pembroke and a clear town centre regeneration strategy from Pembrokeshire County Council”


“We discussed a number of issues including town centre parking, business rates, and the Tobacco Retailers Register.


“A Plaid Cymru Welsh Government will boost our small firms who employ so many people by cutting business rates and we’ll make sure that when public contracts are given out that more of this work is given to firms in Wales.


“We will create a new Welsh Development Agency for the 21st century which will sell Wales, our products and ideas to the world in order to grow Welsh businesses and boost our exports.”

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