AM calls on Welsh Government to protect Welsh farmers following single-market announcement


The Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Climate Change and Rural Affairs Simon Thomas has called on the Welsh Government to protect Welsh farmers following the Prime Minister’s announcement that we will be leaving the single market.

The Mid and West Regional AM took the opportunity to quiz First Minister Carwyn Jones during Tuesday’s plenary session in regards to the future of Pembrokeshire’s agricultural sector.

On Tuesday, Prime Minister Theresa May highlighted her controversial plans as we prepare to exit from the European Union.

The Plaid Cymru AM stated:

“Following Theresa May’s announcement that we will be leaving the Single Market, it’s clear that the Westminster Government are set on a hard and painful post-Brexit settlement for Wales.

“Therefore, It’s vitally important that the Welsh Government do their utmost to alleviate the economic pressures that are bound to impact on Wales’ agricultural sector.

“I asked the First Minister Carwyn Jones about how he plans to protect farmers in Pembrokeshire, and across Wales, following the Prime Minister’s decision that we will leave the single market,

“This means that there will be tariffs on Welsh produce under the World Trade Organization rules, and that there will be a free trade market with New Zealand, from where lamb can come in cheaper, undermining the quality produce of Wales.”

“One again, the Tory Government in London is making a conscientious decision to make Welsh farmers poorer and unable to compete on a global basis.

“I will actively work with the Welsh Government to ensure that Welsh farmers aren’t left worse-off thanks to an unjust and painful ‘hard brexit’.

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