School reorganisation meeting in Haverfordwest


A meeting was held this week (Wednesday 23 March) at the Mariners, Haverfordwest to discuss the school reorganisation proposals by Pembrokeshire Council.


The meeting was organised by Plaid Cymru and gave a chance to discuss the current situation with Simon Thomas and campaigners in favour of keeping sixth forms in schools in north Pembrokeshire.

Plaid Cymru Shadow Education Minister, Mid and West AM Simon Thomas who addressed the meeting said:


“The consultation is still ongoing. We’ve held the meeting to listen to people’s concerns to pass on to Pembrokeshire Council and the Welsh Government.


“Pembrokeshire County Council has not got a good record for provision. It is not right that people in mid and north Pembrokeshire should suffer. Plaid Cymru believes the local voice should be heard in this process.


“We believe pupils should have a wide choice of vocational and academic subjects but it needs to be delivered  appropriate to local community needs.”


Plaid youth member Llyr Williams, who attended the event added:


"From what I've heard it's in the pupils, teachers and parent's interest to keep sixth forms in schools and I'm happy that Plaid Cymru Preseli has committed to supporting the demand from them to keep sixth forms in schools.”


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