Plaid Cymru AM calls on Westminster to step up and support TATA workers


Plaid Cymru AM for Mid and West Wales Simon Thomas has called on the Westminster Government to step up and support the workers at Tata following the steelworkers overwhelming decision to back a deal on the future of their pensions.


The Plaid Cymru AM, who’s worked tirelessly to support Tata workers at Llanelli stated:


“It is extremely important Westminster government now steps up and works positively to keep steel production in Wales.


“Workers have taken a brave step; government needs to do likewise, including considering a taking a stake in the company.


“Tata must show the £1billion investment that was promised and the Westminster Government must do everything within its power to ensure money comes to Llanelli.”


“It was really disappointing steel was rated as a low category in a leaked report from UK government on priorities for Brexit. Once again, The Tories’ contempt for the working people of Wales has come to light. No one would accept the closure of our steel industry as a price worth paying for leaving the EU.


“I will continue to push the Welsh Government to continue talks with Westminster and Tata to support our local steelworkers.”


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