Pembrokeshire Council must prioritise our town centres

simon_7_Leanne_Tenby.jpgIt is essential Pembrokeshire Council brings forward a clear strategy to regenerate town centres in the county, according to Plaid Cymru.


Party of Wales Assembly Member Simon Thomas has written to Pembrokeshire Deputy Leader Councillor Keith Lewis. Councillor Lewis is the Cabinet Member responsible for the economy.

Pembroke Town Council met earlier this month to discuss the feasibility of employing a town manager/coordinator.


Simon Thomas also highlighted the recently announced £2million Rural Enterprise Fund from the Plaid Cymru led Carmarthenshire County Council administration.


Plaid Cymru’s Mid and West AM Simon Thomas said:


"Plaid Cymru is calling for clear town centre regeneration strategy from Pembrokeshire County Council.


"This demand comes following my meeting with a representative from the National Federation of Retail Newsagents in Pembroke town. Public bodies should consider dedicated town centre co-ordinators for Pembroke and Pembroke Dock.


"Plaid led Carmarthenshire County Council has shown what can be done by setting up a £2m Rural Enterprise Fund and a Plaid Cymru Welsh Government will boost firms by cutting business rates. I’d also like to see Pembrokeshire Council contract more work to businesses from Wales.


"The Party of Wales will create a new Welsh Development Agency for the 21st century which will sell Wales, our products and ideas to the world in order to grow Welsh businesses and boost our exports."


A future Plaid Cymru Welsh Government would raise the threshold at which small businesses pay rates.

At the moment only businesses with a rateable value of under £6,000 receive full business rate relief.


Plaid Cymru would raise the threshold to £10,000 and change all thresholds to extend small business rate relief to all businesses with a rateable value under £15,000. This would take 70,000 Welsh businesses out of paying business rates altogether.


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