'Shop local over Christmas' - Simon Thomas AM


Plaid Cymru urges shoppers to support local shops and produce 

Plaid Cymru's Simon Thomas AM has today urged shoppers in Wales to support their local butchers, greengrocers, pubs and restaurants this Christmas, bringing a welcome boost to their local economy.

Plaid Cymru believes that the Welsh Government could do more to support local economies, particularly in rural areas.

Simon Thomas AM said that Welsh produce needs to be promoted both here in Wales and abroad and shops, supermarkets, restaurants and pubs should be encouraged to stock produce from local farmers and producers.

Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Rural Affairs, Simon Thomas said:

“The Welsh Food awards were scrapped in 2013 and bringing back these popular awards would be good way to promote our own produce, with a strong Welsh brand, both in Wales and worldwide.

“Plaid Cymru has called for designating 2018 as a National Year of Welsh Food and Drink to promote Wales’ quality produce and encourage customers in the UK and abroad to buy more Welsh products.

"The decision to leave the European Union poses a huge risk to Wales’ food and drink sector as over 90% of food and drink exports from Wales go to the rest of the European Union.

"The status of food and drink with EU protected geographical status, such as Welsh Lamb, Halen Môn and Pembrokeshire Earlies is also uncertain.

"Wales has a proud record of producing high-quality food and drink and this needs message needs to be heard. 

“People should be encouraged and enabled to buy local all-year round through the promotion of high-quality Welsh food and drink and Christmas is a good time to start.” 

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