Minor Injuries Unit returns to Tenby




Plaid Cymru welcomes reopening of Tenby’s Minor Injuries Unit



Plaid Cymru locally has welcomed the temporary reopening of the minor injuries unit in Tenby.


A ‘walk-in’ nurse led service for residents and visitors who require treatment for minor ailments is to be piloted this Easter in Tenby.

The service will be based at Tenby Hospital and be run by a team of advanced nurse practitioners and healthcare assistants to give top quality care to people visiting the hospital.


The service will start on Good Friday, March 25 2016, and will run until April 3 2016 between 10am-6pm daily.


The issue of the lack of a Minor Injuries Unit in Tenby was discussed by health campaigner Myles-Bamford Lewis and Plaid Cymru Assembly Member Simon Thomas at meeting with the health board earlier this month.


Plaid Cymru Assembly Member Simon Thomas said:


“Plaid Cymru believes this is a welcome step in the right direction for the people of Tenby and the surrounding area.


“I held a meeting last year about problems with GPs in the area so this would help matters particularly with the busy holiday season coming up. I also discussed this issue earlier this month with the health board.


“This should take some pressure of Withybush Hospital as well. My hope is that this pilot will lead to a more permanent solution.”

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