Plaid Cymru AM praises Llanelli School for strong community partnership


Plaid Cymru AM for Mid and West Wales Simon Thomas has heaped praise on Maes-Y-Morfa Primary school for the glowing review they received from the Bevan Foundation.

The Bevan Foundation recently published a report, ‘After PISA: A way forward for education in Wales?’ where they discussed another disappointing set of PISA results in Wales.

The 2016 PISA results showed that Wales was still the worst performing nation of the United Kingdom in world education tests. Following the results, Former Shadow Cabinet Member for Education Simon Thomas AM stated:

“Once again, Welsh children have been let down by the Welsh Government. Year after year, we’ve been promised improvements by the Labour Government – yet Wales’ education results continue to fall below expectations thanks to Labour’s mismanagement of our education system.”

But, there were shades of optimism in the Bevan Foundation report thanks to the terrific work of Welsh schools and their staff. The Report noted Maes-Y-Morfa Primary School, Llanelli as an emerging example and model of strong partnerships between education and the community.

Maes-Y-Morfa Primary school was praised for their strong focus on the child, both in relation to wellbeing and educational progress, a strong early years’ programme and a developing collaborative leadership.

The Plaid Cymru Assembly Member for the area was particularly keen to praise the School and it’s Staff for the strong emphasis on the involvement of families, communities and community partners:

“I have a strong belief that education shouldn’t end with the school bell. If we are to improve the PISA results, we must ensure that the families and communities of the children engage to create a consistent learning environment for our children. Maes-Y-Morfa Primary School has done this brilliantly.

“Special praise must be given to the Head Master Mr. Joe Cudd. Since his appointment, Mr. Cudd has overseen and resolved difficult budget issues, staff redundancies, established a new governing body while promoting and raising the profile of the new school.

“Thanks to Mr. Cudd and his staff, the achievement of pupils at the school is on an improving trend. The school has also purchased a house just outside the school for use as a family engagement centre which supports the engagement of parents and families within the school and offers a range of courses and programmes that will help support the pupils at home and in their community.

“I would like to thank Mr. Cudd and his staff for their tireless efforts to improve the lives of the pupils at Maes-Y-Morfa Primary School.

“The School also had a great relationship with Communities First which enabled regular communication and outreach between the staff, pupils, parents and community members.

“Unfortunately the Labour Welsh Government has decided to cut the Communities First programme without any alternative plan in place. Communities First has supported families in disadvantaged areas such as Llanelli for years and improved the opportunities of local residents.

“The Welsh Government must give clear and reasoned evidence behind their decision to cut Communities First and ensure that there is a strong alternative programme available to ensure that schools and communities such as Maes-Y-Morfa are not left behind thanks to the errors of the Welsh Government.”

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