Golden Anniversary for Plaid in Pembrokeshire


Plaid Cymru are to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the launch of the party's Maenclochog branch with a special evening of celebration on Thursday, 27 April (at 7:30pm in Maenclochog community hall).

The branch was established in the wake of the famous Carmarthen by-election in July 1966 when Gwynfor Evans captured Plaid's first-ever seat in Westminster.

The evening will recall those events, but also look forward to the new challenges facing Pembrokeshire and Wales in the 21st century, said Hefin Wyn, who will be contesting a seat on the county council in the elections on 4 May.

"We need to safeguard what we have in the face of torrid cuts forced on local government", said Mr Wyn.  "In particular, Plaid councillors will scrutinize the workings of Pembrokeshire County Council - Plaid council members backed every attempt to discipline the former Chief Executive and opposed the payment of £332,000 to ensure his departure."

Guests will include the leader of the Plaid Cymru county council group, Coun. Michael Williams and the chair of the Plaid Cymru History Association Dafydd Williams. Entertainment will be provided by local talent.

Simon Thomas AM, the Regional Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales believes that Pembrokeshire have a golden opportunity to secure a better future over the coming months:

“Next week, residents of Pembrokeshire will have an opportunity to send a message to Labour in Cardiff Bay and the Tories in Westminster that they will not be ignored any longer, by electing a record number of passionate and active Plaid Cymru Councillors.

“We have candidates across the County who are rooted in their local communities. We have enthusiastic candidates who want to hear your voice and listen to your communities. You can help achieve this by voting for your local party, the Party of Wales.”

“Of course, we have a General Election in June and this presents an opportunity to elect Plaid Cymru MPs who will work to defend Pembrokeshire. With Labour weak and divided, Plaid Cymru is the only party you know you can trust to defend Wales against the Tories. Wales faces grave risks as we head into this election. Our economy, our communities, our agriculture and even our identity are under threat from the cruel and reckless Tories.

“So, let us send a message to Westminster and Cardiff Bay – help make history in Maenclochog and Pembrokeshire and vote for Plaid Cymru.”

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