A Plaid Cymru Assembly Member has requested assurances from the Welsh Government regarding the welfare and safety of exotic animals in Wales.

The Shadow Spokesperson for Energy, Climate Change and Rural Affairs Simon Thomas AM has demanded that the Welsh Government do more to ensure the safety and rights for exotic animals in Wales.


The AM for Mid and West Simon Thomas asked the Welsh Government to explain the current situation during Wednesday’s Plenary session in the Welsh Assembly.


The Leader of the House Jane Hutt stated that the Animal Welfare Act 2006 currently protects all animals and that a new set of codes is being considered for 2017-18.


But, Simon Thomas AM argued that the Welsh Government must be more proactive in their approach:


“It’s promising to hear that the Welsh Government will revisit the current system of exotic animal welfare, but we must be more proactive.


“The problem with the current situation is that it allows people, for example, to keep monkeys in ordinary houses, and it also allows circuses that perform with live exotic animals to visit Wales.


“I’ve received many emails by constituents who are worried about the current situation and the Welsh Government must do more to ease those worries.


“We have been waiting for some months, if not a year or two, for the Government to take action in this area. The Welsh Government must now give us assurances that steps will be taken by the Government to deal with the health and welfare problems of exotic animals in Wales.”

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