An Open Invitation to a Public Meeting with Simon Thomas AM

Fed up with Powys? Years of neglect and a lack of vision have left our schools, roads and public services crippled. The time has come for change!
“On the 13th of January, 2017 I will be holding an open meeting for the public in the Great Oak Café, Llanidloes. The meeting will begin at 7pm and will be a great opportunity to discuss some of the problems facing Powys.
This year, is your opportunity to ensure real change in Powys. From our urban town centres, to our rural communities, the past decades of independent rule on Powys County Council have been both frustrating and damaging. We’ve seen vital local services– our libraries, leisure centres and recycling services– face cuts and uncertain futures. We’ve seen our children’s education too often neglected. Critical Social Care services downgraded and scrapped. Thousands wasted on external consultants.
But if Plaid Cymru-led County Councils in Carmarthenshire and Ceredigion has proved anything, it’s that this isn’t as good as it gets for Powys. In this May’s County Council elections, Plaid Cymru will be fielding a strong team of enthusiastic, local candidates in wards across Montgomeryshire. Plaid Cymru are standing to secure a positive, progressive future for our communities– from Llansilin to Llanidloes, Mochdre to Machynlleth.  
From our National Assembly to Community Councils, Plaid Cymru has one main goal – to create better local communities for all.”
If you’ve always supported Plaid Cymru, never supported Plaid Cymru or are unsure about supporting Plaid Cymru, come to the public meeting, speak to our enthusiastic Council candidates and our experienced, hard-working Assembly Member and let’s be the change that Powys needs.
13.01.2017 – Great Oak Café, Llanidloes – 7pm.

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