AM welcomes decision on future of education in Llangennech



Mid and West AM Simon Thomas has welcomed the decision by Carmarthenshire County Council to strengthen Welsh medium education in Llangennech.


Llangennech Community Primary School will be established later this year in September and will be a Welsh-medium school. A majority of the democratically elected councillors from different parties backed the scheme.



Mid and West AM Simon Thomas commented:


“I welcome the decision as it strengthens the provision for Welsh medium education. If we are to reach the ambitious target of the Welsh Government to increase the number of Welsh speakers to one million by 2050 we will have to take these type of decisions.


“I’ve raised the importance of a balanced approach with the First Minister last year and urged people to respond to the consultation by Carmarthenshire County Council. The one million target is of course the Labour Government’s policy.


“I hope that everyone will work together now the decision has been made.


“Educational standards in both languages are paramount moving forward.”


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