HSBC Bank closures slammed



Plaid Cymru Mid and West AM Simon Thomas has described the closure of nine branches of high street bank HSBC in Wales as ‘unacceptable’.


The closure of nine sites in 2017 include four in the Mid and West region – Fishguard, Narbeth in Pembrokeshire, Ammanford in Carmarthenshire and Knighton in Powys. 


Mid and West AM Simon Thomas Plaid Cymru’s Shadow Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Climate Change and Rural Affairs said:


"It is unacceptable that the rural bank network is being ripped out of Pembrokeshire with the closure of HSBC in Fishguard and Narbeth.


“It is also disappointing that branches in Ammanford and Knighton in Powys will shut their doors this year.


“Plaid Cymru in Westminster is calling for an improvement in the law to ensure high street banks consult effectively with the local community over closures. Theresa May’s government must act to ensure everyone has access to banking. Though they are private companies making commercial decisions, in effect access to banking is essential for modern life and participating in democracy.


“We cannot have a gap in the banking services available to rural and urban Wales. Plaid Cymru would also like to see the Labour Government in Cardiff Bay to do more to promote alternatives to banks like credit unions."

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