Don't Forget to Register to Vote


Plaid Cymru Assembly Member Simon Thomas met with NUS Wales Deputy President Ebbi Ferguson to discuss how to encourage more young people to vote.


The Mid and West Assembly Member was taking part in a hustings on education policies and met with the former Coleg Sir Gâr student afterwards.

Mid and West AM Simon Thomas said: “My colleague Bethan Jenkins and I have tabled a motion at the National Assembly calling for more efforts to be made to ensure we register people to vote.


“Plaid Cymru believes we should have a youth parliament for the young people of Wales. Studies show the sooner we can engage people in politics, the more likely they are to be involved for life.”


Ebbi Ferguson, Deputy President NUS Wales


‘”Young people must make their voices heard in the May elections. Young people are less likely to be registered, let alone vote. We don’t have a voice unless we turn up at the ballot boxes. If we aren’t voting we’re not going to be represented by our politicians.


‘Politics in Wales affects the lives of young people; from transport provision to the availability of the courses we want to study. I urge everyone to go online, register to vote and cast your ballot on May 5th.”


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