National Assembly debates 146 Llanelli job losses at Department of Work and Pensions


Mid and West AM Simon Thomas asked an emergency question in the National Assembly about the closure of the Department of Work and Pensions office in Llanelli with the loss of up to 146 jobs.


Party of Wales Assembly Member Simon Thomas said:

“Plaid Cymru believes job centres should be devolved, and that opportunity is missed in the recent Wales Act to protect some of these jobs in Llanelli and elsewhere.


“The Llanelli back- office has been judged internally as one of the best-performing offices fairly recently. Therefore, there’s no question about the work that’s undertaken by people there.


“This is simply administrative convenience for Theresa May’s government, which means that it is not taking into account its overall UK responsibilities to maintain local economies and to maintain a pattern of local working. I would have thought the Labour Government would be interested and concerned about that.


“It is really concerning that there is no concrete guarantee from the Conservative Government that there won’t be redundancies. Relocation could involve offices as far away as Pembroke Dock and Cardiff? That’s a very invidious position for somebody living in Llanelli or the Llanelli area to be put in.


“I called for the Labour government in Cardiff Bay to put pressure on the Westminster Government to take its wider social responsibility concerns into account, rather than this cut-and-slash approach that it has towards providing our public services.”


The Minister Julie James thanked Simon Thomas for the series of questions he asked. The Minister confirmed talks had taken place between the Labour Government and Westminster about wider employability, and the possibility of the co-location of some offices.


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