Cleddau Bridge


Plaid Cymru’s Mid and West Assembly Member Simon Thomas welcomed a pledge that the Welsh Government will review the impact of the Cleddau Bridge tolls on businesses in Pembrokeshire.

Simon Thomas, a Party of Wales AM quizzed the Welsh Economy Minister about the impact of the tolls on local firms in the National Assembly.

His action has now led the Minister writing to all Assembly Members promising that the Welsh Government will examine the impact of the tolls on business.


Mid and West AM Simon Thomas said: “Milford Haven enterprise zone is the only zone in Wales where you have to pay a toll to go from one part of the enterprise zone to another.


“My team held a successful meeting in Pembroke Dock to discuss the campaign to get rid of the toll on the Cleddau Bridge. Local businesses raised the effect of the tolls on their business with me. Following the meeting I highlighted the issue with the Welsh Government during Assembly questions.


"I was surprised to learn that the Welsh Government, which is proposing to take over the bridge, had made no assessment of the impact of the tolls on businesses and I urged the Minister to do so.


“I’m delighted that she has responded to my plea and officials will now assess the impact of the tolls on businesses. I urge firms and individuals to make their views known to the Welsh Government and to myself.”

An Open Letter to Pembroke Business Owners:


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