S4C Commits to Carmarthen



I welcome S4C has confirmed that, whatever cuts they face in their budget, they will move their HQ from Cardiff to Carmarthen.

To develop other industries around that, we do need to see investment and we need to see confidence in the future of S4C and adequate funding. I called on the Welsh Government to support spin-off industries from the establishment of the headquarters in Carmarthen town.

Plaid Cymru welcomes the UK government's announcement that it will reverse the first year of proposed grant cuts to S4C.

It is important that we now have a comprehensive review of S4C's remit, governance and funding.

Any review needs to be independent and must also explore how best to use new technology to inform, educate and entertain Welsh speakers and Welsh learners.

Now is the time for the Conservative government to give serious consideration to reversing the full cut - not just the first year.

S4C provides an important national service in Wales. As the only Welsh-language channel in the world, it plays a vital role in supporting Welsh culture and widening the use of the Welsh language.

In the long-term we need powers over broadcasting to Wales so that those who have the best interest of our national channel will play a greater role in determining its future.

Simon Thomas

Assembly Member

Plaid Cymru – Party of Wales

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