A Consultation for the Agricultural Sector


The Party of Wales has called for people’s views on plans affecting rural areas and the countryside following the decision to leave the European Union.

 Shadow Cabinet member for Energy, Climate Change and Rural Affairs Simon Thomas launched the consultation at the Plaid Cymru stand in Sioe Môn, Anglesey’s agricultural show. 

Plaid Cymru’s Simon Thomas Mid and West AM said: “The decision to leave the European Union means a very different shape for agricultural and environmental policies.

“A Plaid Cymru Welsh Government could adopt a broader economic approach to supporting rural Wales by including funding for broadband infrastructure and a support mechanism for farmers that recognises the value they bring to maintaining the environment and landscape we value.

“The Party of Wales is prepared to fight for farmers and the rural economy, let’s see if those who argued for exiting the EU deliver on their promises.

“I urge people to make their views known on the principles that could underpin a wholly Welsh agriculture and rural environments support system.”

The European Union also sets the policy and legislative framework on animal health, hygiene and welfare. At the moment it is EU regulations that govern the control of diseases, welfare of animals at the time of slaughter, during transportation, and policing the use of animals in scientific experiments. The EU also regulates the export and import of live animals.

“Currently we are still in the EU and all the rules and penalties that were in force on 23 June still remain.” Mr Thomas added.

Follow the link to complete the Consultation and have your say for the future of the Agricultural Sector in Wales:


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