AM expresses ‘disappointment’ over Brecon Barracks decision



Plaid Cymru AM Simon Thomas quizzed the Cabinet Secretary for Communities and Children about the future of Brecon Barracks.


Mid and West AM for Plaid Cymru Simon Thomas said:

“It is important that we see as many army bases located in communities in Wales. It is important as many of our young people who serve in the armed forces are able maintain contact with their families and their own communities.

“It is good for soldiers and other army personnel that they have that local connection.


“It is very disappointing to see the unilateral decision to uproot longstanding facilities that has a great deal of support from the local community


“I called on the Cabinet Secretary to carry out talks with the Ministry of Defence. In terms of recruitment and procurement we overprovide into the MOD and the armed forces while we get an under provision in terms of investment; expenditure, in terms of the physical location of our men and women in the armed forces.


“I demanded discussions between the Welsh Government and the Westminster Government about the future of the barracks.


“The Nepalese community has served the people of Brecon and our armed services. I asked the Welsh Government for discussions with the Nepalese community to make sure the support systems are put in place for them.”


According to evidence given to the Welsh Affairs House of Commons Select Committee, 98% of Royal Welsh Regiment personnel are recruited from Wales, again reinforcing the argument in favour of basing this regiment in Wales.


The number of army personnel from Wales is also much greater than Wales’ population size within the UK.


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