AM concerned over Welsh Government’s Scallop Fishing Announcement


Simon Thomas, the Shadow Cabinet member for Energy, Climate Change and Rural Affairs states his concern over the Welsh Government’s announcement that they have approved scallop fishing in Cardigan Bay.


The Mid and West AM has heavily criticised the Welsh Government over the decision:

“Over the last 12 months, I’ve worked closely with constituents and concerned wildlife supporters as I’ve looked to support the 30,000-strong petitioners who called upon the Welsh Government to withdraw their proposals and protect the habitats of dolphins and porpoises.


“I’ve met with Petition organisers and continually kept my constituents updated as I asked the Cabinet Secretary for the Environment and Rural Affairs, Lesley Griffiths, to rethink the Welsh Government’s position and support the sustainability of the sensitive Ceredigion marine environment.


“During this time, Lesley Griffiths, the Cabinet Secretary refused to meet the Petition organisers and the Labour Welsh Government have turned their back on over 30,000 concerned constituents as well as putting the future of vulnerable wildlife at serious risk.


“I want to see a sustainable scallop fishery in Cardigan Bay but first we have to ensure the current habitats have recovered enough to support such dredging. The decision to allow dredging when we don’t fully understand the impact on those areas that are supposed to be under conservation is concerning.


Simon Thomas AM questioned both Natural Resources Wales and the Cabinet Secretary Lesley Griffiths on the decision today in a meeting of the Assembly’s Climate Change, Energy and Rural Affairs committee.


“I want to know how the government will police scallop dredging to ensure no harm will come to non-permitted areas and how Natural Resources will monitor the impact of dredging on species such as the porpoise and the sea bed habit itself. I am particuarly concerned the decision to allow dredgin has been taken before we have a comprehensive marine plan in place for conservation, which has been promised for months now.”


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