Plaid Cymru Assembly Member seeks resolution on A48’s 6-week closure

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The Assembly Member for Mid and West Wales Simon Thomas used Tuesday’s Plenary at the Senedd to ensure the Welsh Government were aware of the problems already being faced by hundreds of commuters as a part of the A48 is closed for 6 weeks to fix a leaking gas main.

The road closure is eastbound of the A48 between Nantycaws and Carmarthen while traffic is re-directed through Nantycaws and Llangynnwr Road.

Although the Plaid Cymru AM understands that the work is essential, Simon Thomas believes the Welsh Government must ensure that disruptions are kept to a minimum:

Today’s the first day of the road closure, but I’ve already received feedback from many commuters who’ve had to deal with severe delays from many directions.

“This isn’t just a local issue as it affects the main links between Wales and Ireland and between Wales and the rest of the European Union.

“The road is heavily used by goods vehicles, and the diversion through Llangynnwr and Nantycaws is not only creating long delays to commuters but creating a lot of late-night noise pollution for those who live in the community as well as impacting on the vital work of dairy farmers who regularly cross the road with their cows from one field to another.

“I understand that this work is essential, but the Welsh Government must do their best to smooth these delays. I believe we must re-think our relationship with contractors and take a stricter approach in the amount of time we are giving them to complete the work.

“The road closure will certainly be an economic knock for the West, therefore I’ve asked the Welsh Government for a statement on the issue in the hope that the process can be resolved as soon as possible.”

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